Gladiator Trading Cards

DUE: Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Welcome to the “Gladiator Trading Cards” instruction sheet. I am glad you could make it. Below you will find what you need to include on your gladiator trading card.

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Website you will use for research: 

-You will be making ONE gladiator trading card.

-You will have one day to research and 1/2 day to work on your card.

Step 1: Research: Gather the information you need for your gladiator trading card by using the websites provided. Use your notebook.  
Step 2: After you receive your blank trading card, you will fill it out with the information below. This is your “final” copy, so do a good job. Make it look nice. Use Marker for the headings (not Sharpie).

Front side of card: Picture of your gladiator AND his name. Use color. (marker or colored pencil. NOT Sharpie)

Back side of the card: Information. On the backside, you MUST write the headings along with the info. 

Information for back of card:

Name: (pick a name for your gladiator. Use this website to pick common Roman names from the time period. You can have your gladiator have one name, or a first name and last name. )

Website for common Roman names: 


Height: Example: 6’3” (6 feet, 3 inches tall. My height)


Weight: example: 202 lbs. (my weight)


Record vs. Humans: wins and losses. (most gladiator battles are a fight to the death. However, for the sake of this assignment, we will assume the emperor took mercy on him and stopped the fight if he was beaten.)


Record vs. Animals: (list how many animal fights he was in and what animals he defeated)


Age: (probably something over 18)


Favorite weapon: (Click to RESEARCH) Use the website on the blog post.  List name of weapon and the description.


Type of Gladiator: (Use RESEARCH siteUse the website provided at the top and look for “type of gladiator” Include the explanation of what that type of gladiator is. Include THREE things describing what type of gladiator your guy is.


Armor: (Click to RESEARCH) What armor do they wear? (2 pieces) Use the website provided. List name of armor and description.


Origin: How he became gladiator (criminal, slave, volunteer. Write a brief story of how he became gladiator)


Text Box: Name: 
Record Vs. Humans: 
Record Vs. Animals:
        (What animals?)
Type of Gladiator:  
Favorite Weapon:
Type of Armor: