Ancient Rome Standard Check

March 29th, 2012

1. What is the major river of Rome?

2. What two Seas surround Rome?

3. As Rome grew and prospered, what group of people took over?

4. In Rome, who were the Patricians?

5. In Rome, who were the Plebeians?

6. What did the Tribune do?

7. What was yelled to stop the action of the Senate?

8. What did the Etruscans teach the Romans to build?

9. Who led the revolt against the Etruscans?

10. Who fought each other in the Punic Wars?

11. What did the Consul do?

12. How did someone gain great wealth and power in Rome?

13. What is the most famous athletic arena in Rome?

14. What are professional fighters called in Rome?

15. Who tried to make their horse a senator?

16. What was ONE difference between the Republic and the Empire?

17. Who ushered in the Pax Romana?

18. Who lowered taxes and helped the poor?

19. Who was the 1st Roman senator?

20. Why do some consider Rome to have a “perfect” location?