Your Adventure Begins...
You land with a thud on the hard, grassy ground of ancient Europe. Luckily, you suffer only bruises. You get up and dust yourself off, because you know what you must do: get to Rome. You have no idea what waits for you in Rome. Your concern now is how will you get there. As you start walking east from the heart of Europe towards Rome, you must make a decision. As you approach Italy, the country Rome is located in, you see the land routes to Rome have been blocked by enemy forces. Your only option is to hop onto a boat, and sail to the ancient city of Rome. Which route will you take? You have two choices: sail through the Tyrrhenian Sea, or sail through the Adriatic Sea. One route is better than the other.

You must make your decision now.




Sail to Rome through the Tyrrhenian Sea Sail to Rome through the Adriatic Sea